It’s that time again. Stuff Portraint Friday. This week were were asked to show our nightstand, a good book we’ve read, and our favorite lamp. So, without further adeui I give you

(drum roll)

I’m currently reading a bunch of books, and have read many great books, but this is probably my favorite. It’s timeless.

Up next…..

Oh, you wanted to see INSIDE my nightstand drawer? yeah, well, that’s not happening. I showed you under the bed, you aren’t getting a peek at my naughty drawer

Next is our favorite Lamp

Ok, I don’t own a lamp, what can I say, this is the light in my bedroom. We are looking to replcae the ceiling fan with just a regular light. I’m thinking we should go all out with a chandalier. The spousal unit isn’t so up for that.

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