t’s pissing me off that more and more I have to be a bitch to get people to do the right thing, or in some cases, thoier freaking JOB!

This isn’t nessecarily something recent, rather a trend I have noticed. Take for instance, way back in Oct 03, I subbed a kickboxing class in a town 45 mins away. I was told that they would cut me a check and send it out on the 22nd. Well, it was a rather small amount, so when the 22nd came and went, I wasn’t too worried. I noticed it, but it was just (I thought)$18, so not a priority. i waited a bit longer and one day when I knew I was going to be in town, I went by to just pick it up. I talk to the manager who has no idea about it but assures me that he will get right on it and call me first thing Monday morning. Tuesday morning I hadn’t heard anything from him so I sent and email stating that I needed my pay ASAP and that if I didn’t hear anything from him i would take further action (this was Dec BTW, I had subbed the class in Oct). He sent me back a very snide, condesceding email telling me basically not to worry my pretty little head over $18 it woudl be in the mail on thier next pay cycle and I shouldget it, again, by Dec 22. So, I was pissed. I mean, i may just be some lowly fitness instructor, but I provided a damn service and expect to be paid for it. You wouldn’t treat a doctor or lawyer with such disregard. Sop, I went to the gym owner. I copied him the email that this guy had sent me and detailed that I was professional and expected to be treated as such. In other words, i was a bitch.
I got a slew of apology emails and my check was in the mail that day. It turned out they paid me $20, which, ironically is what I asked for when they offered me a position full time and they had said they couldn’t pay that amount so I turned down the job.

This brings me to today. Last Weds, my 6 yr old had an eye dr appt. He needed glasses so we picked out a cute frame and had them ordered. I was told that it would be “about Tuesday, we’ll call you”. So I went about my week. Tuesday comes and goes, nothing. I think, ok, maybe they came in the late shipment and they will call me tommorrow. Weds comes and goes, nothing. So today I called to ask about it. the woman I talk to (being nice) says they just got a shipment in and they are probably in that and she will check and call me back. Ok, so I sit at home all day waiting for her call (and I had stuff to do today too, but anyway) I go and get the kids, come home and still no call. So, I called back. The person who answers gives me the run around about how they will call me. I said “Well, when do you think that might be since I was originally told they woul dbe here on Tuesday and it’s Thursday and you are the second person TODAY to tell me you will call me”. Suddenly the glasses were there. Imagine that.