So, last week when I took the little one to the eye Dr, I ended up being there ALL DAY. Fun stuff. My vision plan sucks ass. Apparently they only think you need an eye exam once every 2 years. We will just forget about the little thing about vision prescriptions expiring every year. Turns out my little cherub’s vision has gotten worse since last year, when they told me he would probably “grow out” of the problem as his eyes matured. They then proceeded to tell me that he would “grow out” of this problem too and didn’t need glasses. Umm, ok, I listened to you last year and it’s only gotten worse. He tells me he cant see in school, and the exam clearly shows that he is not growing out of this, it’s getting worse. He’s getting glasses. Even if he only wears them at school, whatever, he’s getting them. We didn’t get home until after noon, so he wasn’t able to go to school, and I wasn’t able to sleep any.

Friday night, still sick, I let my daughter have a sleep over with three of her friends. I think they had fun, but i wasn’t completly ‘there’, you know.

Saturday and Sunday spent in bed, and I think, THINK I may be well now. Not 100%, but about 98% and at this point, I’ll take it.