Urgh…..So, I’ve been sick since Friday. I barely got out of bed all weekend. Monday I finally had the house to myself and I just vegged and watched TV. Yesterday i felt like someone was sitting on my chest. i had to force myself to just breathe. Last night I collapsed into bed ready to sleep for enternity. Turns out, eternity is about 3am. That’s when my nose closed in on itself and I was awoken. I’ve been up ever since. Except for that split second it took for my eyes to close and my brain to turn off….and my alarm clock to start buzzing.
O.M.G. I feel like death. I have to take my 6 yr old infor an eye exam in about an hour. Then I hope I can get him to school in time to be counted present for the day. Hopefully then I will be able to sleep for a little while. I had all intentions on going to the DR myself today to find out what alien had invaded my body, but I’m just too damn tired to sit in a waiting room more than once today.