I read a lot of blogs. I have a whole folder in my bookmarks for blogs that I read. So many, that I’m too lazy to put them all in my sidebar here.
It seems to be that time of year. Everyone is buzzing about BlogHer. A giant circle jerk where women sit around talking about how great thier blogs are, hoping to catch a glipse of one of the “famous bloggers”. I have to wonder, who really needs that much validation?
I write here for me, and me alone. If someone wonders by and reads what i have to say, great. If they think I’m whiney and stupid and self absorbed, so be it. If they move along and never come back, wonderful. Really. Don’t. Care.
I have a small group of people that I have meet online through MSN groups. A wonderfully fucked up internet medium. I woudl say 98% of the people in MSN groups are people i would want to slap in real life. Then you run arcross a select few who are like family to you. I have that in “Abby”, “Zatzme”, and “Jeep”. “Zat” lives about 3 hrs from me, “Abby” about 2 hrs from her. A couple times a year, I pack up the kids and we head to Zat’s house. Then the next day we all pile into her van and head to Abby’s. I never want to leave.
These are the people that make my internet journey worthwhile. And we don’t need some official meeting costing way too damn much money to feel good about ourselfs.