My daughter wanted a hamster. She really only wanted it because the nieghbor was gonna give it to her. i hate hamsters. They are vile, hateful little creatures. I talked her into a rat instead.
We went to the pet store and saved one from the jaws of a python. He’s a young guy (at least we were told it was a guy, wont really know till his balls drop), about 8 weeks or so. Cute! he’s mostly white, but has a bit of a cream color along his back. Personally, I would have picked one of the black ones with white feet, but my daughter wanted this one, so this one we got.
We named him Ben. Yes, from the movie, Willard. Yes, I know that Ben was the black rat and the white one was named Socrates, but if we named him Socrates we wouldn’t have been able to tell our karate instructor, Sensei Ben, that we have a rat named Ben. That’s just funny stuff.

Ben likes to sleep in an old sock. Like a little rat sleeping bag. He also likes to nest in my hair. I will let him getup on my shoulder and he will start climbing in my hair and I will proclaim “I have a rat’s next in my hair”. I’m funny, damnit. It’s a regular laugh riot at my house I tell ya.

In other news, reason’s I know I have ADD…I was going to write about something completly different in this post, and I forgot it.