What’s that?

Geez has this month flown by or what. I honestly don’t even know where the time has gone.
My husband was home for the first 2 weeks of th enew year, which was nice, but enough already. He went back to work just long enough for me to get started on a huge ass room remodel, thne came home just in time to help with the last of it. I pulled up all the carpet from my daughter room. then i spent a week putting three coats of primer over the BRIGHT orange and BRIGHT yellow paint on her walls, then replacing that with a powder pink. Then we got new carpet for the room. Always the frugal *cough*cheapskate*cough* person that I am, I opted to buy the carpet at the lower price and install it myself. We will just forget about thefact that I have NEVER INSTALLED CARPET BEFORE IN MY LIFE. That never stopped me before.
When I went to Lowes with my neighbor to pick up the carpet, we sat there for 2 hrs while they tried to find it. That really should have been my first clue. We get it in the house and I realize that its the wrong carpet. Better carpet than what I bought. But, twice the soze I need, and the wrong color for the room (and I had just spent a week painting that room, the carpet HAD TO GO with the paint color). So, I call Lowes. After slight run around with the manager I was able to get them to acknowldge that they gave me the wrong carpet, and if they though I was mad, wait until the person who orders this carpet comes in to get it and gets mine instead. So, they sent a delivery guy out to switch out the carpets. I layed the padding down, and waited for my husband to come home to finish it up.
It looks pretty good. I only burned the carpet one time. Don’t ask.
Here’s the before and after