2006 is shaping up to be a stellar year!

On Jan 1, my husband’s grandmother died. She had been diagnosed with caner and went downhill very fast. Every time they would schedule her chemo she would get too sick to do it. I think she may have had one round before she died. My husband was a Pall Bearer. He went to the airport on the 3rd to pick up cousins that were attending the funeral. The funeral was on the 5th. I took all three kids and they were so well behaved. I was so proud of them.
All the dumbasses in my husband’s family came out to show D and I why we limit contact. At one point, after the service, when we had all gathered on the 20-some acres that D’s mom, aunt, and grandparents live on (not together, they all have their own lot with homes, but it was all originally D’s parents land and they sold off pieces to family. I call it The Smith Commune, D calls it The Bermuda Triangle), I had to walk away after listening to the 12 year old 7th husband to one of D’s other aunts complain that he didn’t get a week off at new Year’s and it was unfair that my kids weren’t at school since he had to go to work. Fucking wah, get over yourself (ok, he isn;t really 12, but he looks like he is. I thought he was a boyfriend to one of the woman’s teen daughter’s until I found out he was her husband). I went to D and said “I’m going home now, my dumbass quota has been filled”.

On Jan 2, my old high school asst principal, who had moved on to be the principal at the elementary school that my kids attended before they started the year round program, died from esophageal cancer. His funeral was on the 6th. I was able to go to that too. It was packed. So many people came out to remember and honor Mr Angel.
If you’re keeping score, that’s two funerals in as many days.

Today, my dad called to tell me my aunt had gone back into the hospital. She too has cancer. It had gone into remission but came back. She has a tumor in her brain. We don’t know if or what they can do for her. It’s a waiting game at this point. This aunt is my mother’s identical twin.

Not even getting into all the arguments and disagreements had during the THREE WEEKS that my husband was home. I love my husband I love my husband I love my husband. I really do. But, I can NOT spend that much uninterrupted time with him without wanting to gouge his eyes out just to see what would happen. He left this morning. The only time I had without him shadowing me was when he went to the airport, the hour before his grandmother’s funeral when he went early to the church, and the time that I was at Mr Angel’s funeral. That’s way too much togetherness. It’s like I tell people, after 3 weeks of him being gone I’m asking him when he is coming home. After about 3 days of him being home, I’m asking when he is leaving again.