I have so much dental work that needs to be done. Seriously, if a person didn’t know better they would think I was on meth or had an eating disorder. I don’t. I just have really weak teeth. Before I got pregnant, I had had a total of 2 cavities my entire life. After pregnancy, my teeth, literally, crumbled. I would be eating and they would break. My body just sucked everything I needed for my teeth and gave it to the babies.
I have a fear of dentist. I have panic attacks when I take the kids in for cleanings. Just pulling into the parking lot is awful for me. So, this whole dental issue is just magnified for me. Add to that, my dental insurance doesn’t have an in-network provider in my area. The closet one of 45 mins away. So, when I do go to the dentist, I have to pay more. So far I have had all four wisdom teeth pulled. No, not all at once while I was knocked out like normal people do. No, I had mine pulled one at a time, in office, under regular novocaine (or lidocaine, or whatever it is they use these days). That sound is NOT PLEASANT. I also had three of the molars beside the wisdom teeth pulled, same method. I still have one more that needs to go. I then had a molar root canalled. Just this month I have had two more teeth root canalled. A canine tooth and the tooth right beside it. Because my co-pay is so much higher, we broke it up into two visits. So I would go in one week, and have half the root canal done, then finish it up the next week. Go back the next week and start on the first half of the second, then finish up the next week. You get the picture. So, that’s my Christmas present to me this year. The gift of oral health. One day I will be able to say I have a $20K smile, and if my husband thinks he is getting oral sex after that, he is NUTS.