When you are in a pinch and ask someone to loan you money, promising to pay them back by a certain day, the proper thing to do when that certain day has come and gone and you havent paid the person back is NOT to comense to telling them all the stuff you ran around doing all weekend.

I’m done. I’m tired of giving and giving and giving and getting shit on in the end. I have to have some good karma stocked up by now. How many times do I have to sit at home doing nothing cause I gave someone else my “fun money”, only to have them screw me. You know my husband works fucking hard for his money, and we are doing well, but we aren’t rolling in the dough. I’m on a BUDGET, so if I give you money so your kid can go to the dentist, that is taking from my budget. Telling me that you will pay me back on saturday, then hopping online on Monday and telling me how you ran all over fucking town all weekend, not cool. I guess you just forgot where my house was?