We have had the same fake tree for 9 yrs. For 9 yrs I have taken hours to make sure this thing is put together perfectly. For 9 yrs after Christmas, I have cursed this trees existence and swore that it was the LAST YEAR. That it was going away and I would have a 7ft pre-lit tree the next year. For 9 yrs, this hasn’t happen.
Right after Thanksgiving the kids started asking about the tree. I told them the first weekend of Dec, we would get it up. So, that was this past weekend. On Saturday, my older two had a birthday party to go to, so the 5 yr old and I had plans to put the tree together and all of us decorate it when the other two got home. So I drag out the box and bring it in the living room. While I was busy with other stuff (ok, I was on the computer putting off getting the tree up, but “busy” sounds better, ok), my 5 yr old started putting the tree together. At first I was calling out instructions “Bigger ones on bottom baby. No, that’s a top piece. No, put the ones that are the same size together”. Then I just decided. Fuck it! He is having fun. Who CARES if it isn’t together right. Christmas isn’t about the perfect tree or symmetrical decorations. It’s about fun and laughter and family. So, I let him put it together however he felt. When the other two came home, the three of them decorated the tree. All. By. Themselves. It aint pretty. But it’s theirs.

I took pictures of my “special” tree, but the card reader on my PC isn’t working. I can load the software and pull out the USB cable for my camera. But, I’m lazy like that. If I get my shit together, I’ll post a pic so you can all share in the joy of our tree.