I have decided today, that since my Potentially Former Friend’s (heretofor reffered to as PFF) daughter “never lies” so anything that she says MUST be the total and complete truth no disussion, period! that my new policy will be “If said incident is not brought to my attention the moment it happen or a reasonable amount of time afterward and instead is told when I am not around the it simply never happen”. If myself or my children are not going to be given the opportunity to defend against accusations thrown at them, I will simply stick my head in the sand and say that it didn’t happen.
I’ve decided that my PFF will simply be an aquaintace from this point on. When we see each other at karate, we can talk, that’s fine,but the closeness that once was is no longer. She burned this bridge. If i do not tolerate this type of treatment from people I am either related to or having sex with, why shoudl I tolerate it from her. That’s right, I shouldn’t.