My best friend for, forever has been engaged to a man for 3 yrs. this man is NO GOOD! He has played games with her and treated her like crap for just about as long as they have been together. he will disappear for weeks at a time, then pop back up with some lame ass excuse as to where he has been.
Once last year she got a phone call in the middle of the night from his cell phone. It was his ex-wife, and she was going on about how she was outside of “some hoochie’s” apartment and Ray’s truck was there and he was inside with this girl. And that she (the ex) had broken into ray’s truck to get the alarm going (my friend could hear it in the background) so he woudl come out, and that she was using his cell phone to call my friend so that she would know it was really the truth.
Ok, a few days later, ray pops up with this story about how his daughter and him went on a surprise trip to Puerto Rico, and his ex-wife was keeping the truck just because it was easier that way and that he was going to call but he had left his cell phone in his truck accidently and that his ex was just trying to cause trouble. I thought it was a lame story and that she was being played and told her as much, but of course, he convinced her and she took him back.
Now, thier wedding was planned for Dec. she went through all the arragnments, bought a dress, booked the place, hired caterers, DJ’s photographers, the works. She doesn’t even have a ring yet. Normally that woudln’t be a huge deal, I think othe rthings are more important than a ring, but SHE has told him it was important to her and that she wanted one. Seems he would try to make the woman he loves and wants to marry so badly happy, wouldn’t it?
Anyway, he’s been gone for a while, supposedly in Kansas doing some training (he is military, but supposedly the kind of military that never gets called to go to war??) She called and told him that because he hasn’t been around to met with teh peacher and have thier pre-marital counseling, that they were gonna have to post-pone the wedding until spring.
On Nov 11, he called her while she was on er way to work and said, very bluntly, It’s over, i’m done, don’t call me, don’t email me, don’t text me, my ex and i are getting back together to try to make it work for my daughter’s sake.
They she got all these text messages from his ex and daughter saying the same thing. She has been a wreck since. Not eating, crying constantly, the works. i feel bad for her, having her heart broken and all. but here’;s the kicker. he just sent her this email……

I’m sorry for the way I ended things. I’m getting ready to go to Iraq on the 3 Dec 05. I felt like I have taken up enough of your time waiting on me to come home so I decided to say what I said to you. I didnt mean it. I still LOVE You Very much/ No me and my x is not back together. My daughter have my cell phone. I left it at here moms house this weekend. Send me an email about your feelings.

She is considering taking the asshole back! i can’t just sit here and listen to her talk about how much she loves him and how he apparently loves her and that bitch of an ex keeps getting between them. She is laying all the blame on the ex. I just want to smack her until she wakes up and sees what’s right in front of her. i can’t do that though. cause she doesn’t want to hear it. I already told her that she needed to consider everything that has been happening before she emails him back, but I know that by the end of the week I’m gonna hear how they are back together and so happy.
I just can not sit her and be happy for her. It’s too much. I’m a crappy friend.