The Holiday Season is crashing down around us. I believe the holidays would be more pleasurable if 1) they occured in the summer and 2) family wasn’t involved.
It has started. My mother in law called today to get the run down on plans for Thursday. i told her that my husband, her son, would not be getting home from his 6 week trek across the globe until late LATE Tuesday night (Weds morning if you want to get picky) and that he was scheduled to leave again the following Tuesday. Keeping in mind that our daughter’s BIRTHDAY is also on Thursday and that take precident over Thanksgiving anyday, we had really just planned to keep things rather low key, and do whatever my daughter wanted to do that day. Which is go to Golden Corral for dinner, get some cake, then go see a movie. I can do that.
Well, to back it up just a bit, the very first thing she said to me was “Did you enjoy your little trip , referring to my trip to Va and Md to visit my friends. I said yeah, and she replied “You didn’t think I knew about that did you?” I wasn’t aware it was a big secret, but okay. So yeah, I was already a bit on edge.
getting back to Thursday’s plans. Seems some family from out of state is visiting and they “really really want to see [my husband] before they leave. Oh, and you guys too”. Urgh. My husband’s grandmother is going through chemo right now and her immune system is shot, so the kids and I are encouraged not to come when my husband visits the out of town family, ecasue we may have been exposed to something. Of course, my husband who has been on airplanes (germ factories) and out of the country (water anyone?) hasn’t “been exposed” to anything apparently.
Holly Jolly Thanksgiving! I can’t wait until she sees the Christmas cards I had printed with the lyrics to Happy Christmas (War is Over) on the inside