My three kids and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this afternoon. The last movie I took all three kids to see was Sharkboy and Lavagirl at the $1 theater (which has raised it’s rates to a buck fifty!). HP, definetly outshined SB&LG. My 10 yr old has read all the books, he always knows what is going to happen in the movies, and, being the budding film snob that is his, points out everything that is changed, left out, or edited between book and screen play. I on the other hand have not read the books. I will, eventually, but I have learned that reading the book first leaves me disappointed in the movies. I really like being surprised by what happens. I also have fun guessing who the ‘bad’ guy is. For that reason, my oldest is NOT allowed to tell me what happens in the books until after we have seen the movies.

Intersting factoid. Clémence Poésy, who plays Fleur Delacour in the newest Potter has been acting since in french movies for some time now. In one, Beinvenue Chez Les Rosez, she appears topless
I’m sure that could be filed under “Old News”, but oh well.