The tech guy came out again last week to, again, replace the motherboard in my computer. Good chance that it WASN’T the motherboard. After the motherboard was put in, the computer still wouldn’t work, so the guy started taking things out, then putting things back in one at a time. Process of elimination, looks like my fancy schmancy TV/Radio tuner blew and that’s what caused the computer to not go to post. Of course, I still have monitor issues. At any time it will just turn itself off. It comes right back on, but still. I am supposed to call scanport and have a new monitor shipped out. Pain. In. The. Ass.

I decided to escape reality for a bit this weekend. I went up to Richmond, Va to visit with my oldest internet friend. We met nearly 6 years ago at some cheesy parenting group. hen we decided we were too cool for them and branched out on our own. We try to get together a few times a year. This time, we also went up to Southern Maryland to visit with another friend, also from the internet. Words, really, can’t describe these weekends. They are so much fun, I never want to leave. I don’t get why people who get me so well hav eto live so far away. These are the people I should be spending my days with. I should be headed over for coffee insetad of sitting here typing. We should be seeing each others kids in school productions, and Christmas shopping together. Instead, we share our lives online and get together when we can.

Maybe that’s how it should be. Maybe that makes us love each other more.