Do not ever buy a computer from Viscom. They use cheap ass products and their customer service sucks ass. I bought this computer mid-April, by August my motherboard had blown. It took a MONTH to get it replaced. Fast forward to Tuesday. I turned my computer on and I get nothing. The tower is on, but there is nothing on the monitor, and my keyboard and mouse aren’t lighting up (to indicate that they are working). Wonderful. Call tech support and get attitude. Told hat it was a monitor issue and I had to call a different number. Call that number they determine that yeah, it’s the monitor, they need to contact the manufacturer of the monitor and get then to arrange for a new one To be sent out. Ok, fine, whatever. Meanwhile, I’m thinking that the monitor wouldn’t cause my mouse and keyboard to not work. My neighbor comes over with his laptop and plugs my monitor into it and voila! Monitor works. Ok, so I call the tech support back and explain to them that the monitor works. They say Must be the motherboard. Hmm, odd, since I had the board replaced 2 mths ago. I explain that I really can not be without my computer for another mth. I need to be able to access my files, not to mention internet. I am told, BY TECH SUPPORT “You need to buy a new computer”. Huh? What? So you’re telling me that even though I bought THIS COMPUTER 6 mths ago, I need to buy a NEW computer? So, your product is a piece of crap and so unreliable that I need another computer? Ok, gimme my money back and I will do just that.
I’m currently using my husband’s old computer. When he was in South Africa, the guy he was working with was in a really bad car accident (the guy ended up in a coma) and my husband’s computer bag was n the car. The LCD screen was crushed, and the touchpad doesn’t work anymore, but f I plug my monitor into it, and attach a mouse, I can at least get online. I still don’t have access to MY files, but this is better than nothing. My neighbor also said its possible that my processor is blown as well, so I have no idea when I will be ‘back’.