I did finally sleep. I broke down and cracked open the Tylenol Pm bottle. Things are slowing down, slightly, here so hopefully my restless mind will calm itself and my sleep issues will resolve themselves.
I spent saturday in bed watching movies. None of them were any good, but I wasn’t doing anything so it was a nice change of pace. Sunday I took the kids to my gym for Famly Fun Swim. Sixty bucks a mth so the kids can swim on the weekends,I really need to get my ass back in the gym, actually working out. I’ve gone soft.
Today is Halloween, so the kids are excited. I have to run to the store and get the supplies for that dreadful kitty litter cake that all the kids are making these days. I’m bringing it to the karate schools Halloween party. Also at the party, my son is officially getting his Black Belt. How cool! I’m giddy over it. I’m so proud of that kid. He’s my inspiration. He is the youngest of his rank at the school, and coincidentally, I’m the oldest of mine.

Pictures will follow, either here or at my photo blog. Also, I think it may be time to instill word verifiction. I’m tired of my posts being defiled with the likes of nail fungus ads. >