Seriously? This is bordering on insane. I havent slept in at least a month. I go to bed at a decent hour, then toss and turn until after midnight. Finally go to sleep only to wake up off and on through out the rest of the night. 6am the alarm rings for me to get up and start another day. last night I was nearly giddy when I started nodding off at 9:30pm, whoo hoo, I might actually sleep tonight. No such luck. I did sleep pretty soundly until 1:30am, then i was up. Not just tossing and turning, but actually up, couldn’t go back to sleep. this lasted until 5:30am, then the blasted alarm at 6am!
Chemical help may be nessecary. How long can a person survive this way? And , in case you are wondering, I have given up caffiene after my three cups of coffee in the morning. So now in addition to not sleeping at night, I walk around in a fog all day.