Sperm donor must pay maintenance

A Swedish man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple has been ordered to pay child support for their three children.

In the early 1990s the man, now 39, donated his sperm to a woman in a lesbian relationship. She had three sons, the oldest of whom is now 13 years old.

Although the man signed a document confirming he was the biological father of the children, he told the court the women agreed he would not be involved in their upbringing in any way.

But when the women separated, the biological mother of the three boys demanded child support payments from the man.

He went to court but lost the case and the subsequent appeal before taking the matter to the Supreme Court, the highest appeals court in the country.

The Supreme Court has confirmed the earlier rulings, stating that the biological father is required to pay child support to the mother of the three children he indirectly fathered.

So the gist is, for at least 13 yrs you have two women living together in a committed relationship, raising three children together. They split, and now the non-biological parent is cut out. She is not entitled to visit with HER CHILDREN, nor is she finacially responsible for them. Conversly, a man who was essentially doing these women a favor, is now left with the finacial burden. If gay marriage were legal, situations like this would be handled the way any other divorce is handled. The other woman would have been able to adopt the children, much like in a heterosexual relationship where a sperm donor is used. Then, in the event of a split, she would be responsible for her children, and be entitled to visitation. I have to wonder, if this was the case of a man and woman living together (not married) and donated sperm was used to concieve the children, would the ‘father’ be responsible for child support, or the donor? I hate to see what the ramifications of this decision will have on sperm banks, or other fertility specialties.