My husband thinks most things are hiliariously funny. Especially if it’s on the news. take for instance this avian flu. He think the media is pushing it down our throats, scaring us into thinking we are all going to die. Like a typical Republican, he is distrustful of media.
so one day we are lounging around and the news comes on talking about the risk of a pandemic of the avian flu. My husband snickers. I say to him “You’re going to think it’s funny when you get the bird flu”. He laughs again. I say “See, laughing laughing laughing until you die from bird flu”. He’s laghing harder now, so I say “When you die from bird flu, I’m gonna put on your tomb stone ‘he thought it was funny’ “. By this time is his full on chuckling. I reply, “I’m going to put that on your tomb stone regardless of what you die from ‘ Here lies D.S., He thought it was funny’ “. He says “That would be quite appropriate”