So, it started simple enough. I was 18 yrs old and wanted to do something ‘wild’. I had always skated just this side of the line. Too afraid to actually cross over, but really wanted to break out o the mold I had created for myself. My roomate came home one day and casually said “I’m bored, let’s go get tattooed”. I jumped at the chance, and off we went.
We entered what was then called Wizards and Warlocks (now it’s just Warlocks) Tattoo Shop. I looked at all the flash art on the wall and in the books, and finally settled on a cute little green gecko. I would put him on my right ankle. Nice and out of the way. I could choose whether it was seen or not. My friend got a dolphin on her breast. It was your typical first tattoo, ill planned and hasty. And it hurt, like a Mo ‘ Fo. I swore that would be the last of that.
Flash forward five years. I’m ansty again. I was 24 and married with three kids. I needed something to set me free. A friend of mine drew up a representation of me. The meaning of my first name,” strong forestress”, and my middle name, “lively”, and my favorite flower the cala lilly, to represent simplistic beauty, and i had that picture tattooed on my lower back. That set off the next chain of events.
About a year later I got a celtic knot, to symbolize no begining and no end, on the back of my neck. After that, my husband and I got the chinese symbol for ‘heart’ on our left forearm as an anniversary thing. Six mths after that, I got the Japanese symbol for ‘kiai’ between my shoulder blades. “Kiai” is the name of the sound you make in martial arts when you strike something. Broken down “Ki” is energy (like Chinese “Chi”) and “ai” is focus, so literally it is The focus of energy. For those keeping score that’s 5 tattoos, so far…………….

I’m going in next week for another. It’s actually an addition to the one between my shoudler blades. I’m having cherry blossoms added as a background. In Japanese kabuki, sakura or cherry blossoms, represent female dominance. Female dominance behind the focus of energy just seems to fit somehow.