I had mytest tonight, and obviously passed. I’m now a Red Belt in Kenpo Karate. Start the countdown, 3 more mths till I can test for High Red (I already know everything already, just have to put in the time).

My oldest (10) is testing for his Jr Black Belt on Oct 23rd. i’m excited and nervous and proud of him all at once. He has worked so hard and I’m so afraid that he wont pass. i want to stay positive. I KNOW he can do it, Ben wouldn’t have him test if he didn’t think he was ready. I’m just a ball of nerves.
If all goes as planned, he will get his Jr Black Belt this mth, and be eligible to test for his full black belt at 16 or in 3 yrs which ever comes first (which, duh, he’s 10, so it will be 3 yrs), so he could theorectically be a 2nd degree black belt by the time he is 16. Which is totally cool, because usually you have to wait until you are 16 to get your full black belt. But, since he is so young, it would totally suck to hav eto wait SIX YEARS! to get his next belt. He could go to another style and get another black belt in that time.

I was just thinking about the order of belts and holy cow!!! I am 4 belts away from black belt myself (currently red belt, next high red, brown, high brown, then black)