So all I seemed to post about was my impending vacation and how kick ass it was going to be, then I up and disappear, then come back and don’t even talk about my kick ass vacation. What’s up with that?
So, we left headed for Texas on Sept 22, just as Hurricane Rita was setting her sites on the same destination. But see, we’re smart – S-M-R-T, Smart! Instead of hitting 20 and going through SC, GA, AL, MISS, LA, then hitting TX we stayed north and went through TN, AR, OK, then TX, Totally missing the hurrincane all together. Seriously, we didn’t even hit rain. We left Arkansas Saturday morning and I think Rita got there some time Saturday night? Anyway, we ended up in Texas (west Texas, Abilene to be exact) Saturday afternoon sometimes. I met my niece for the first time and she was absolutly scumptious. I wanted to eat her up. She was happy All. The. Time.
By Monday, I was sick. I thought it was just sinuses or getting used to the hot dry weather, but as the day went on, I think it was a little more flu than it was sinuses. We are talking full fledged fever, chills, alternating between freezing my ass off (in 97 + degree weather) and being so hot I wanted to strip naked, and my head feeling like it would explode. I finally had to break down and go stay a a hotel so i could 1) sleep and 2) keep my evil germs away from the baby. Tuesday i wanted to stay in bed, but was able to get up for brief periods. All the while trying to play off my impending death so I wouldn’t put a damper on everyone else’s good time. By Weds I felt like I was forceing steel wool down my throat everytime I swallowed. Of course we went for Chinese, cause that always makes things better, right. By the time Thursday rolled around I was finally starting to feel human again. However, I was ready to be in my home. You know what they say about fish and visitors. My experation date was getting close. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED being down there and being around my husbands family. What I didn’t like was not being home. MY home. My place that I could place my ass firmly on the couch and sit for hours in my pajamas watching The Travel Channel if I wanted and no one cared. I could totaly move in next door to the family there and be happy, as long as I had MY home.
That brings us to Saturdays birthday party, which was fun, but I was cranky. But I got good pictures of my niece so I’m glad about that. Sunday and Monday not much happen, we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. i was finally feeling better so I didn’t feel like i had to quarantine myself from my niece anymore. My Tuesday we were packed up and ready to go. I suddenly didn’t want to go. My BIL called on the cell phone about 20 mins after we left just to tell us he missed us. My SIL called the next morning to say the house seemed quiet and she missed having all of us around.
Oh, that smartness I mentioned at the begining of this post, it somehow escaped us on the way home. We thought it would be *fun* to go through LA. We drove from Abilene, TX and had to go all the way to Tuscalossa, Alabama before we found a hotel that had rooms. We got there at 3am. I came out of the bathroom to find my husband sitting on the bed saying “I’m sorry”. I asked why, and he said “Just sit down”. The bed was so hard, I think we would have been more comfortable if we had just pulled over and slept in the car. But I’m not 20 anymore and I have three kids to think about so sleeping in the car days are long behind me. We slept for a few hours then hit the road again. We got home Weds night, a full day before we had planned, but driving halfway through the night certainly helped us gain that day.
Thursday and Friday we just chilled and tryed to get ready to get back in the swing of things. School started back up on Monday and The Man was supposed to go back to work for who knows how long, so we just did nothing. The Man didn’t end up actually leaving for work until today, but it was ok, I needed him around for a few more days so I could get used to doing the school thing again. I ended up skipping my volunteering this week because I’ve just been too damn tired. I told the teachers I would be back next week. They are all trying to get back into school mode too, so they understand.
I took a lot of great pictures. All of which without faces (sorry) will be posted over at my other blog.