Money really does make the world go ’round.
I am, for all intents and purposes, raising three kids alone. Yes, I do have the luxery of a husband that works so that I can stay at home, but that working involves being gone for weeks and weeks, and weeks at a time. Sometimes even to other countries (grumble grumble). this leaves me to take care of a house, three kids, and every damn thing else that needs tending too. I get overwhelmed, often. The one place that I have been serverly lacking is getting the kid sto pitch in and help me with things. They are good kids, but insanly selfish at times. My husbands answer to is to simply not let them do anything, which would work, if it didn’t also punish me. If they don’t get to go anywhere or do anything, I also don’t get to go anywhere or do anything. And that sucks. So I was always telling them they were grounded and couldn’t do anything, only to forget later.
I think I may have found a solution to this perdicament though. i have come up with a system involving play money. They earn this play money by doing chores. The bigger the chore the more “Bucks” they can potentially earn. They can then cash in that moeny for time on the computer, or playstation, or tv, or visits with friends. it doesn’t take much to earn the money, walking the dog will get you one, amkingyour bed will get you another, putting your plate in the dishwasher, etc. Very simply everyday things. Bigger jobs, like cleaning out thefridge will get you two. My daughter is cleaning the kitchen, countertops, sweeping and mopping, I’ll give her three. Since there are always things they want to do, there is always a motivation to earn more. Throw in thier wicked competitiveness and they are always in a race to see who can get more “Bucks”. This is win-win. We all have a physical reminder of what has been done, or needs to be done. they are earning thier privaleges. I no longer for get who I told could watch tv or play a game and who couldn’t because they are ‘buying” the time they send on these things. I also take away money for bad behavior. Argue with your brother, lose a buck, continue, lose another. Won’t listen, forl over the cash. they are figureing out that most fights just arent worth it. And having an immediate, tangible consequence. I’m really thinking this might work.