The countdown has begun. I have broken the days into “Things I need to do”. This weekend will be full of getting the kids to do thier landry so they have plenty of clothes to pack. I need to go to th estore and buy quick meals so I don’t have food just sitting here for two weeks. the kids are out of school starting today for thier three week intersession, so this is my last day to do my errands. Monday I will start with my packing lists. Tuesday will be karate. Weds we have a playdate. Thursday we pick up the rental and I take my dog to my Sensei (he’s awesome to watch my dog for two weeks). Sometimes betwen Friday and Saturday we blow this joint. I’m. So. Freaking. EXCITED! I still can’t believe it has been 10 yrs since I have made this trip. That’s too long. We’ve always used the excuse that they should come here since they don’t have kids. easier to travel and all. Can’t use that one anymore, we all have kids now. Last time I made this trip, I had a 13mth old. I know what a bitch that can be. I wouldn’t ask them to come here now. They now have carte blanche to wait 10 yrs to travel with child.

Now for my dilema. My kindergardener left his homework sitting on my desk this morning. Do I take it to him, or just not worry about it. I’m in good with his teacher, I can shoot her an email and explain. It’s just finding three pictures of things that start with ‘Dd’ and pasting them to a piece of paper. I have been at the school volunteering for various things all week. And like I stated above, this is my last day to run my errands. I’m thinking an email should suffice

Off to get the errands done.

**Note to comment spammers, I don’t need a dating service, I’m married. I don’t need to loose weight, I’m a trainer. I’m not in the mood for any get rich quick work from home things either, I’m lazy like that. I will delete, and no one reads my blog anyway so you are just wasting your time.