I hate when I slack off so much that when i finally get back to the gym, they have changed all my classes. I’m a memebr of two gyms. they are owned by the same people and I pay the extra 410 to be able to go to both of them. My plan was to use the one close to my house on Mon/Wed/Fri for weight training, then the bigger one on Tues/Thurs/Sat for swimming/aerobics. Well, when I got the schedule the first mth, I noticed that a friend of mine was teaching a weight class on Monday morning. Very simular to the Body Pump that I taught. So I started takeing that. Then Augest from Hell hit and I missed that whole mth. Then Sept came and I was out of the routine, to be honest. I finally made myself go this morning, only to find out that my reg Monday morning class was no more. So I walked on the treadmill for 15mins to warm up, then worked out my upper body on the weight machines. Tomorrow, after volunteering in kindergarden, I’m going to swim for an hour. Hopefully, if I havent died by Weds, I can go to the gym by the house for lower body, then more swimming Thursday, and upper and lower of Friday, then Yoga Saturday. Hmmm, after a mth and a half of doing nothing, think it might be overkill? I guess we will see.