My pretend boyfriend just got his 4th degree black belt. he was in Florida all last week testing, so we had no classes all week. I bout died from inactivity. Of course chasing 40 5th graders around barnes and Noble helped in that Dept. I feel like I have a full time job these days. I volunteer in one classroom 2hrs on Tuesday mornings, then another class on Weds afternoon, then i have to fit yet another class (three kids) into that schedule somewhere. Gas is $3.09 a gallonand I drive a freakin Explorer so back and forth trips to the school – not cool. lasy week I chaperoned a field trip, next week is field day. i’m actually hopeing i can parlay all this volunteering into an actual J-O-B. i would love to be a TA (not to be confused with T&A) at the school. I would have the same schedule as the kids, which is impossible to come by in the ‘outside world’.
Just over 2 weeks before I get to go on vacation. I’m so excited I can feel it in my bones. We have NEVER gone anywhere for two weeks before.