Just read through this blog and you will see the computer woes I had this month. The fix should have taken a day and instead turned into a month long saga. It’s finally fixed, I hope.
My husband was in South Africa for the entire month. It’s been 5 weeks since I’ve seen him. Normally that’s no big deal. I mean I miss him when he is gone and everything, but he has had this job for 5 yrs, so I’m used to him being gone for long periods of time. And we needed the money, this has just been a crappy month to be on my own. Speaking of money, we needed the money because on old debt came back on us recently. We were able to come up with a kick ass settlement which we were grateful for, but we had to come up with $1600 by the end of the month for the settlement to be honored. I scrimped and saved and managed to come up with that on top of paying the bills and putting money away for our vacation next mth. of course that means something else will crap out. My husbands big screen tv has been flipping out lately. It will just decide to turn off and not turn back on. Perfect! Yeah yeah yeah it’s 5 yrs old, practically extinct, I get it, just don’t need the headache right now. Speaking of headaches…….walking through the house Friday night, hear ‘drip drip drip’, what the fuck?? Go looking. It appears my air conditioning unit is POURING WATER. Loverly. So the closet that the thing is in is now lined with plastic and buckets. I have water coming up from the floor. I called my AC guys Saturday morning to see if I could get someone out first thing this am, and their answering service guy was an ass. He says “You need to call back Monday, this line is for customers who need assistance”. Hey, guess what I DO NEED ASSITANCE! So I call back this morning and the nice lady said she would try to get someone out, but that all their techs were scheduled for the day. Right, that’s why wanted to call early. Joy! I know the unit needs to be replaced, but that’s just gonna have to wait. I just don’t have it right now.
When we leave next mth for two weeks I’m going to put all my valuables into storage just in case my house decides to spontaneously combust while we are gone.