So, my husband flew ‘home’ finally. And by ‘home’, I of course, mean the office. So he is only a few states away and not an entire continent. We can go back to watching our favorite tv shows together. That’s always fun. He calls and we sit and watch tv, and laugh at the funny parts together. Then we discuss. Ten years and the magic is still there I tell ya.
The youngest had his super special tea party at school on Friday. He looked so damn good in his shirt and tie, that I told The Man that when he finally makes it back this way, we are all going to get dressed up and go out together.
In other news, I think we finally decided on our Texas trip. We will go the last week of Sept-first week of Oct. Gotta love year round schools. I can’t wait to see my niece. Her birthday is that last week of Sept, so I will be there when she turns one. Since The Man wants to move there, I should get to know the family. I also need to make a list of points of interest I want to check out. I need a gym, a good dojo, a place to ride horses (yeah, that one will be tricky in TEXAS!). If I’m gonna live there, I need to have my spots.