I know a woman. A woman I have mentioned before on my blog. She has cancer. She has been fighting for 7 yrs. It started as breast cancer, and spread. She now has lung cancer too. She has been in remission more times that I can imagine, and it keeps coming back. she has gone through rounds and rounds and rounds of chemo and radiation. She is currently going through another round. The thing that pisses me off is, her husband is a chain smoker. the Drs have told him, flat out, “You are killing your wife. Stop smoking”, and he hasn’t quit. I’m an ex-smoker, I understand the hold it has over you, but if there were no other reason in the world to quit, you would think quitting to save the life of your wife, and mother to your children would be it.
If you are a smoker and don’t care about your health (I’ve heard the ‘arugument’ “Everyone dies of something”), care about the health of those you live with. they might be the ones who suffer in your place.