So I’m still on dial up. The asshole techie still hasn’t come to replace my motherboard, and I am this close to saying Fuck the Warranty and doing it my damn self. I havent been able to update my photo blog (if you havent noticed the link —-> to Goddess Photography, look now) because, in case you havent heard DAIL UP SUCKS.
My husband is still in South Africa. His escort was in a really bad wreck last week, and last I heard was in a coma. Thank the Goddess my husband wasn’t in the wreck too. His laptop was, though, and for a while he was missing his passport. It all turned up, but the laptop is toast. Good thing it was bought on the company;s dime, and they will be replacing it. i can’t call him on my cell phone (hello free long distance) and I’m sure international calling will cost me a fucking arm and leg, so communictaion has been minimal.
When he is here, I want to kill him, but damnot I miss him when he is gone.