I hate to admit it. I feel that admitting you miss a man implies weakness and the last thing i want to appear is weak. It’s an issue I struggle with. Actually, it’s an issue we struggle with as he wants me to be more open with my feelings, and I would rather keep my feeling safely to myself where they can’t me mocked or judged or manipulated or played with. I clearly have issues.

He is in South Africa, which beats the hell out of Saudi Arabia which was his last out of country trip. Unfortunatly, as of the last time we communicated, he wasn’t having the best of times. things weren’t going right with the job. Didn’t have the right eqipment, etc, and his car had broken down leaving him stranded on the side of the road for 2 hrs. He also hasn’t been able to explore the country any, which is the point of going to another country, right.
I’m hoping that he gets the chane to relax and enjoy himself a bit before he comes home.