I know a lot about a lot and most of what i know has been self-taught. Five years ago when I got my first computer, I culdn’t fugure out how to turn the damn thing off and had to run to my husband for help. Now, I’m the one fixing things on his computer when the tech guys can’t figure it out. that being said, it PISSES ME OFF when I can’t figur eout what the fuck is wrong with my computer.
About 2 weeks ago, i lost my internet connection. I have DSL through my phone compnay, so I called them up. We went through all the tech support crap and it was determined that thier equpiment is good, the problem was with my computer. So, sinc emy computer is only 3 mths old, I called those tech guys who put me through the same crap th ephone techies had just put me through. They determined that my ethernet card was shot. Unfortunatly my ethernet is built into my motherboard, so that whole thing has to be replaced, and it will take 5-10 business days. FUCK! So, i connect through dial up long enough to download the software to connect through DSL using a USB instead of ethernet while I wait for this thing to be fixed. All is well until last night. I was online when suddenly I lost my connection. I figured it was an MSN thing since they often have screw ups going on, and since it was 11:30pm, i just went to bed. Get up this morning and it’s still not working. My network connections say that I’m connected, but I can’t pull up any pages. I’m have messed with it all morning to no avail. I’m surrently on dial up. that wont work as I only have one phone line, and I’m still waiting for the tech guy to call to schedule a time to come out and fix the original problem.
This sucks.
you have no idea how much of your life is online until you can’t access it.