But it was close enough. My kids have started school already. We utilize the year round schedule so they end in June and start in July, 5 weeks of summer vacation. Strangely, they love it, and my week 3 are ready to go back to school. Anyway, because of our schedule the school is able to do awesome things with the kids. As part of PE all the classes go to a local pool for swim lessons once at the beginning of school, and again at the end. No one is going to learn to swim in that one day, but they kids have a blast. Today was the day that my oldest and youngest went to the pool. I was a parent volunteer, so I was in the water with the kids all day. The pool wears a body out, I tell you. I’m ready for bed now. My lily white Irish skin is now a nice shade of rose.

I got a new toy last week. A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. This camera is so awesome, i can’t even describe in words it’s awesomeness. I took some cool close ups of some roses and carnations and then printed them out as 8 x 10’s and donated them to our Dojo fundraiser. Everyone gave the appropriate oohs and awws. Yes, i am an attention whore.