A few weeks ago my husband and I hit a ‘bad’ spot. We spent the entire time he was home either A) trying to avoid each other or B) arguing. It was July 4th weekend I believe. i had a major bout of PMS and didn’t want to be touched. I was also tired, and my muscles were all achy. Everything was a huge pain in the balls (if I had balls that is). During this time I found out that my husband was reading my blog. It upset me because something that I had written, were of the private variety. He got really angry about somethings too. Like my crush on my karate sensei. Let me say that this crush is no secret. i have told him about sex dreams I have had about my Sensei. I have tried to lethim know that nothing would ever happen with the Sensei because 1) I’m married with three kids 2) I’m 30 and Sensei is 22 and 3) We all think he is secretly gay anyway. I think seeing it in print though was a bit much for him, though.
Anyway, in a fit of anger, I deleted my entire blog. Since that time I have seen that i am linked on a couple of places. When I started this thing, I never in a million years thought anyone would read it, let alone link it. I kinda feel like I oweit to the kind people who read, and link me to keep this thing going. So, I’m starting over. This time around however, I plan to be a bit more respectful of my husband’s feelings.